Unique Storage Ideas for a Stylish Kitchen

Proper storage is essential to every kitchen, but it can become quite predictable. Most kitchens feature built-in cupboards and wall cabinets, emphasizing practicality over personality. What some homeowners fail to see is that their storage choices affect their kitchen’s overall appeal. Handyman Connection of Barrington/Chicago NW shares interesting storage ideas that are both stylish and efficient:

Stylish Kitchen

Handy Bins

If your countertops feature open shelves at the bottom for added storage, chances are your pots, pans, and tableware are all jumbled up with barely any organization. What makes this worse is that they are visible to anyone who enters the kitchen, affecting the room’s beauty. Declutter this mess with a grid of woven boxes. These effectively separate and organize your items and add a rustic charm to your kitchen. You can also attach paper tags to each basket for easy identification.

Window Cabinets

Lack storage space for items for special occasions? Since these aren’t used on a daily basis, they’ll only get in the way if you store them along with your everyday wares. Rather than putting them in the attic where they can collect dust, keep them close by installing an additional row of cupboards above your windows and storing them there.

Pull-Out Pantries

Dry goods and small bottles of seasoning can easily get lost in the clutter that is your cupboard. Keeping them far away, for the sake of organization, means you’ll have to walk back and forth to your workstation. Instead, invest in pull-out pantries consisting of two cabinets that slide out your countertops for easy access.

Swing Stools

This excellent seating option is perfect for small kitchens. Adding swing stools to your peninsula or island transforms it into an extra dining or entertaining space. Unlike standard seats, swivel stools disappear when not in use, making them a highly practical option. You can choose vintage stools to add a classic look to your kitchen.

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