Expertly Repairing Rotted Wood

When wood comes in contact with moisture, it’s highly likely that wood decay will occur. Common causes include leaky downspouts, faulty plumbing, and rain leaks. Regardless of the reason, rotted wood is not only unsightly, but it also compromises your home’s structural integrity. Fortunately, repairing a rotted trim is easy enough to do for most homeowners. Handyman Connection of Chicago NW explains how:

Repairing Rotted Wood

Investigate the Rotten Area

Check the areas that don’t drain well with a screwdriver. Any cracked, peeling, or blistering paint on your window sill, water table, or drip cap is a sign of water damage. Inspect slow-drying joints closely and pay extra attention to wood areas close to concrete and dirt. If you can push a screwdriver easily into the wood, then the area is rotten.

Apply and Shape the Filler

When you’ve located the area, remove the rotten parts with a 5-in-1 tool. For an efficient repair, make sure you remove all the rotten wood. Afterward, coat the area with a wood hardener evenly and rebuild the wood with a polyester wood filler. You can easily mold and shape this to match your existing wood; it paints well and has excellent resistance to rot. Mix the filler then press it into the area using a putty knife.

Smoothen Out the Area

After repairing the damage, carve out the sagging filler using a chisel. Most repairs require at least two layers of filler, so feel free to add a second layer if necessary. Smoothen out the area by sanding, priming, and painting it.

You can also turn to our experts at Handyman Connection of Chicago NW for help. We can handle bigger and more complicated issues, and we have the proper training, equipment, and materials to provide quality repairs. Contact us today at (847) 202-3232 to learn more about our different home improvement services. You can also request a free estimate.


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