How to Pick the Right Door Hardware For Your Home

Your doors are both functional and decorative set pieces in their own right. Apart from the actual material of the door used, another way you can “customize” the look of the door is to pick the right hardware for it – the knobs, levers, and pulls. Handyman Connection of Chicago NW discusses how to choose the right door hardware for your home.


Latch Types

There are three latch types available for your door – square corner latch, rounded corner latch, and the drive-in latch. The differences are actually purely cosmetic and your choice depends on your personal preferences.

Knobs, Levers, or Pulls?

The knob, lever, and pull are your three standard hardware for your door. While they function essentially the same way, each one has a more appropriate setting. Pulls should be the hardware for entry doors since their ornate design presents a good first impression for guests visiting your home.

Knobs are the most versatile and you can use them for the doors to your living spaces and rooms. Finally, levers have an “industrial” look to them, and this makes them a better fit for purely functional spaces like the garage and closets. We also recommend you get levers for your bathroom door since they open easier, making it the smarter choice for households with elderly family members.


Deadbolts are technically an optional door hardware, but they add another level of security to your home. Typically, you install deadlocks on your entry doors and back door. Single-cylinder deadbolts are the standard and have the thumb turn on the inside with the deadbolt outside. For extra security, we recommend you get double-cylinder ones especially if you have a door with glass panes. Even if the glass pane was destroyed, the door still can’t be unlocked because both sides require a key.

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