Our 2017 Kitchen Remodeling Trend Predictions

Last year saw many beautiful kitchen trends in homes, including open shelving, a mix of materials, a focus on marble, and rich black and blue cabinets. While these trends won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, Handyman Connection of Chicago® NW believes that there will be a shift this 2017. Here are our predictions for the top kitchen remodeling trends of this year:

Kitchen Remodeling

  • A New Color Palette – We predict that rich, muted hues will grow more popular this year. Colors like toasted reds, washed blues, and bruised greens are quietly elegant yet still interesting enough to grab attention. Even non-traditional colors like pink and yellow will look great in kitchens as long as you use their more muted and grounded hues. These new colors all focus on making the kitchen feel more welcoming.
  • Warmer Finishes – To complement this new color palette, the kitchens of 2017 will use warmer finishes. Kitchens with brushed and plaster walls have a subtle depth and matte finishes will add texture to the room’s appearance. Bronze will replace sleek, bright, and glossy finishes. This trend will make a kitchen feel cozier and more down to earth.
  • Simplified Traditional Style – We predict that homeowners will revisit older style kitchens and reinterpret them for their modern day homes. Traditional kitchen designs can make a kitchen feel comfortable, inviting, and warm. To make the kitchen feel substantial and authentic, make sure to keep things simple and don’t over decorate.
  • Sustainable Materials – Consumers are steadily moving towards more sustainable pieces and practices, and kitchen trends will reflect this. Earthy materials like clay, wicker, cork, and wood will become more popular. When using these materials for your kitchen, focus on quality over quantity.

Warmer finishes, sustainable materials, earthy colors, and a more muted color palette all lead to a warmer, cozier, and more welcoming kitchen. Handyman Connection of Chicago NW can incorporate these beautiful design trends to your kitchen. Our craftsmen have many years of experience and they are passionate about making our customers’ dream kitchens a reality. Contact us to learn more about the upcoming kitchen design trends of 2017. You can also ask for a free estimate.

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