4 Great Reasons to Invest in a Basement Remodel

A beautiful, completely finished basement can provide many benefits to you and your family. Whether it’s used as a study area, a secondary living den, or a place for entertainment, your basement has the potential to breathe new life into your home.

Basement Remodel

Not surprisingly, many homeowners across the country choose to remodel their basements each year. If you’re having second thoughts about investing in that seemingly empty space, Handyman Connection of Chicago NW can give you four excellent reasons to tackle this project.

  • Additional Home Value – Due to the tight competition in the housing market, it’s more important than ever to upgrade your home’s looks and value. Basement remodeling remains one of those projects that offer the highest returns, according to the “2017 Cost vs. Value” report by Remodeling Magazine.  This project can recoup as much as 70.4% of the total job cost in the long run.
  • Increased Energy Efficiency – Remodeling your basement involves reinforcing the insulation on the walls, ceiling, and floors. It also allows you to add insulation to new drywalls and sheet rock. Furthermore, when you put carpet and seal off cracks between spaces, you will be able to prevent cold air from seeping in during cold months. This will also help prevent energy from escaping, resulting in reduced reliance on your HVAC systems. As the basement is the foundation of your home, remodeling it will ultimately lead to a significant decrease in your energy loss and consumption.
  • Space Expansion – A newly remodeled basement can serve many purposes. From a personal gym to a home office, this relaxing space can be the center of many additional ideas. You can also store large boxes and furniture in it, but make sure to organize them accordingly to preserve the room’s aesthetics.
  • Entertainment – A finished basement is ideal for entertaining friends and family members. For instance, you can transform it into a game room with pool tables, video gaming tools, and other types of entertainment that are useful when holding parties.

If you need professional help turning your drab basement into an attractive, cozy space, you can turn to Handyman Connection of Chicago NW. Our experts specialize in a wide range of remodeling services, including basement remodeling. To get a FREE estimate, call us today or complete our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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