3 Clever Ways to Make Your Living Spaces Look Larger

Most new homeowners don’t want to live in a home that feels cramped. That’s why they often choose homes that come with enormous square footage to accommodate their needs. For those that don’t have enough savings to buy big, spacious homes, settling in a small space that matches their budget is the solution. The good news, though, is that there are lots of simple things you can do to make your space look larger than it actually is.

If you’re thinking about owning a smaller home but you’re worried about things feeling cramped, then Handyman Connection of Chicago NW has the solution. Try these three clever tricks to help you maximize your square footage:

  • Add Low and Leggy Furniture – You can create the illusion of space by adding furniture with a bit of leg on show. Chairs and tables with skinny legs, for instance, can draw the attention to both above and below them. With that in mind, they give the impression that there is more space than there really is.
  • Place Mirrors Strategically – Installing mirrors around your home is the easiest and fastest way to make your spaces appear larger. For example, you can lean a full-length mirror against the wall so that it faces a large window. This way, the mirror will bounce light and views around, tricking you into thinking the room extends back further. Apart from creating a sense of space, it can also create a sense of openness due to the extra amount of brightness it provides.
  • Paint Your Walls in Light Colors – Lastly, you can make your room appear more spacious by decorating your walls with light, neutral colors. Colors like white and cream distribute light around, giving the impression of an airy space.

At Handyman Connection of Chicago NW, our goal is to help you enjoy your home and improve your quality of living. We can provide professional assistance to help increase your home’s footage visually, without having to spend thousands on major remodel and additions. To get started, simply give us a call or complete our request form. We’ll be happy to schedule you for a free, no-obligation project consultation.


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