Home Upkeep: 4 Maintenance Jobs You Should Never Ignore

As a homeowner, you are responsible for regularly maintaining your home and performing necessary repairs. There are some critical maintenance tasks, however, that you just cannot afford to procrastinate on. If you do, they might cause you thousands of dollars  for major repair, and even renovation, jobs.

Handyman Connection of Chicago NW, your trusted home repair, maintenance, and installation service partner, shares four upkeep tasks that demand your full attention.

  1. Inspect and Repair Leaks – Moisture is one of the most damaging problems your home might encounter. To make sure your home remains safe and dry, take time to do a full inspection and look for leaks of any size. Some of the areas vulnerable to leaks are your roof, ceiling, walls, and even floors and cabinets. To prevent leaks from growing into costlier problems, be sure to seal their source right away with top-quality sealing materials.
  1. Replace Damaged Flooring – Many homeowners often overlook the maintenance of their floors. Carpeting and tiles can wear over time, though, which is why replacing them should always be a priority once they reach the end of their service life. This is especially important for high-traffic areas that can trigger accidents, such as the kitchen and bathroom.
  1. Inspect the Foundation – This is related to leaks, as water can easily weaken your structural integrity. First, check your roofing for gaps and holes or if debris has started to clog your gutters. Overflowing water can seep through your foundation and cause a number of problems, like rotting and mold formation. You can choose to fix these problems yourself using high-quality materials or have a professional, like Handyman Connection of Chicago NW, perform repair jobs for you.
  1. Check Garage Door Balance or Opener – Improperly balanced garage doors can injure someone and might even shorten the life of your door opener. To check your door’s balance, close the door and pull the opener release handle to disengage the opener. Pull up the door halfway. If it stays in that position, it means the balance is in good condition. If it falls, your door needs an increase in tension, and if it rises, the spring has too much tension. It’s always best to call in a professional to perform this difficult task.

If you need professional assistance with these tasks, you can always count on our licensed experts at Handyman Connection of Chicago NW. We are standing by to help you with your projects, no matter how how big or small they are. Give us a call or complete our form to schedule a free project consultation at a time convenient for you.


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